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This website contains general knowledge about herbal medicines and their curative values. It is not intended to be taken as a substitute or self treatment; It is therefore highly recommended to seek an advice from a qualified herbal medicine practitioner. Some of the herbs stated in this website may cause reaction to the user. Neither natural herbal life nor its employees shall be held responsible for any such reactions. Do not try to do some self diagnosis or treat your self.  All consultations should be carried out by a qualified medical practitioner

Lungtonic Herbal Medicine


Lungtonic Herbal Medicine
Lung Special Herbal Medicine Good for: Asthma, allergy and other respiratory related maladies Has expectorant extract. It is an antibacterial and anti-viral herbal product




Atherosclerosis is a condition that can result to stroke and a pain at the centre of the chest (Angina pectoris).  The condition is the result of the formation of the cholesterol which builds up on the inner part of the blood vessels wall.  This is what causes the arteries to become narrow and especially those that lead to the heart and the brain.

The recommended treatment for Atherosclerosis

Garlic is known to lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol and low raises the High Density lipoprotein (HDL)

The market is offering Garlic capsules which can be taken to take care of Atherosclerosis


The Garlic can also be used in the cure of the following:

·         Can be used to eliminate worms from the body

·         Helps in promoting the flow of the urine

·         Helps digestion by promoting the flow of the saliva

·         It can also be used in chronic tuberculosis, asthma and Pneumonia and other respiratory maladies

·         It is good for the elimination of fevers

You can also use the following in the cure of Atherosclerosis

Oats:  The use of oats bran in your morning cereals is good for reducing cholesterol in the blood.

Sunflower:  Using sunflower oil by making an infusion of 100grams of flowers plus stems in a litter of water. Drink this solution 3-4 cups daily.

Mandarin Orange: The use of this fruit can lower the rate of cholesterol in the body.


The Garden Spinach:  Consumption of the garden spinach is good for the lowering of the cholesterol.



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